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Confinement Nannies Recommendations

Welcome to this blog!
If you have any recommendations on any good confinement nannies who are able to work in Singapore for our new mums and new babies, please leave them in the comment box here.

Please leave their contact details and why do you recommend her (your testimonials)!
Your help will be truly, greatly, exceedingly, immeasurably appreciated by all our mommies here!


  1. I will like to recommend my CL, Auntie Chua, if anyone is interested.
    She is friendly and very patient with my baby.
    Good cook too.
    Took good care of me and baby.
    Her contact no is +60179891771

  2. My confinement nanny was Janet from Ipoh, Malaysia. She took good care of the baby, taught me how to bathe, change diaper, feed, soothe etc and is a very good cook. Knowledable about Chinese herbs to ensure speedy and complete recovery from pregnancy and childbirth.

    Both my sister and I hired her for our confinement.

    Her contact number is +60125930298


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